Skyrim: Falkreath

January 8, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Falkreath is a small city in Skyrim, not much larger than the other small towns, but is still the capitol and houses Jarl Siddgeir.

Shops: General Goods (Grey Pine Goods), Alchemist (Grave Concoctions), Blacksmith (Lod), Inn (Dead Man’s Drink), Saw Mill

Jarl’s Longhouse

Jarl Siddgeir:

  • Will send you a letter inviting you to come and see him. Read the letter, then talk to him.  He will ask you to kill a bandit leader.  After you do, talk to him again, and he allow you to buy land in the hold.   Then talk to the steward to buy land. (You can only buy land if you have the Hearthfire DLC installed).
  • After you kill the bandits, he will give you the opportunity to become Thane by helping 3 people in his hold. The easiest way to do this is to take the letter from the table in Lod’s house and give it to Dengeir.  Sell a cabbage to Mathies.  Then talk to Thadgeir to get Berit’s Ashes and deliver them to Runil.  So, without leaving town you can become Thane of Falkreath.

Nenya – is the Jarl’s steward.  Speak to her to buy land.

Helvard – is the Jarl’s housecarl.

In the Jarl’s bedroom, in a locked (expert) display case you can find the skill book: Guide to Better Thieving (Pickpocket).

In the store room / war room, you can find the skill book: Death Blow of Abernanit (Block) on the table next to some potions.

Upstairs you can find an arcane enchanter.

Corpselight Farm

Mathies:  Will start you out on the quest: Ill Met By Moonlight, and will also buy vegetables from you, which will fulfill one of the requirements of the Jarl to help the people of his hold.

Indara Carellia: She is Mathies’ husband, and doesn’t have much to say.

The skill book: Racial Phylogeny (Restoration) can be found on their book shelf next to some other books.

As a favor, you can pick and then sell produce to Mathies, which counts towards your 3 favors for the people of Falkreath if you are looking to become Thane.

Grave Concoctions

Zaria is Falkreath’s alchemist and the shopkeeper here.  There are plenty of ingredients and potions around if you want to steal them.  There is also an alchemy lab you can use.

The skill book: De Rerum Dirennis (Alchemy) is found hidden behind the baskets in the southwest corner of the room.

Falkreath Barracks:

The skill book, The Legendary Sancre Tor (Two-Handed) can be found upstairs on top of a chest near the entry door.

Go downstairs to reach the jail.  In the jail you can find Sinding, who is a werewolf.  You can talk to him to start or continue the quest: Ill Met by Moonlight.

Here in the jail you can find the skill book: The Black Arts on Trial (Illusion) hidden along the northwest wall behind some crates near the entry door.  The book is nestled between the crates and the wooden divider wall.

Lod’s House

Lod is the blacksmith of Falkreath.  The blacksmith does not have a smelter.

Lod will ask you to find his dog, which triggers the quest: A Daedra’s Best Friend, if you  are level 10 or higher.

Inside his house you can find and steal the personal letter, which is on the table directly across from the entry way.  Dengeir of Stuhn will ask you to bring him this letter, but the letter is there whether he has asked for it or not, so feel free to steal it at any time.

In his basement you can find weapons and armor, and on a barrel along the west wall you can find the skill book: Light Armor Forging (smithing).

Dead Man’s Drink

Valga Vinicia is the innkeeper of Falkreath.

Narri is the server.

Delacourt is the bard.

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