Skyrim: Embershard Mine

December 31, 2014 - Skyrim / Video Games

Embershard Mine can be found southwest of Riverwood, just off the road, and will be passed if you follow the road from Helgen to Riverwood.


Outside of the mine, at the front entrance will be waiting one leveled bandit and a cart with nothing really in it.  There is also a back entrance that can be used, but is more difficult to locate.  Because the mine is designed to be completed from the main entrance, it can be slightly easier to complete by entering from the exit.


Down the main hall from the entrance is a tripwire that will release a pile of boulders.  Be careful if you have a follower because if you trip the wire the boulders will likely hit your follower.


Around the first turn is a wood bridge over a little pond.  To the right, below the bridge are two bandits, an iron ore vein, and a pickaxe.  Directly across the bridge is a little tunnel, and to the right is a raised bridge over another edge of the pond.


Moving straight ahead through the tunnel brings a two way split to the left and right.  To the right is a dead end with a skeleton, a coin purse and a journal.  The left tunnel leads to a little room with a lever that lowers the second wood bridge.  Lowering the bridge will alert two more bandits who will search for you and attack.


Across the second bridge is another tunnel.  This tunnel curves to the right, but before the turn is an opening in the right hand wall to a store room.  Some items, including a Spell Tome: Clairvoyance, can be reached through the wall.  Around the corner a single bandit guards the store room.  Because of his or her position it is very difficult to surprise this bandit.  This bandit has an Embershard Mine key.  This key opens the store room and the empty room across from the store room.  The store room has a chest, a weapon rack, and the previously mentioned Spell Tome: Clairvoyance.


Continuing down this hallway brings and opening on the left that shows a little blacksmith work area down below and a sleeping area to the right.  Also on the left of the hall is another iron ore vein.  Across the lower level is another wooden bridge.  Three bandits patrol the smithy, wooden bridge and rooms in the caves beyond the wooden bridge.


The smithy contains another iron ore vein, two iron ingots, two pieces of iron ore, and the skill book: Light Armor Forging.  The smithy has a forge, a work bench, and a grindstone where items can be created or improved.  Two wooden ramps lead up and out of the smithy area, and can be a little confusing when first approached, and can make hand to hand combat difficult for both the player and for the bandits.  Ranged attacks have a substantial advantage.

Taking the ramp up out of the smithy leads to a second store room, and a hidden passage.  The new store room has a few gems and gold coins on a table as well as several sacks, and a chest.  The hidden passage winds around to a ledge where a coin purse, an iron ore vein, and a chest can be found.


All that remains in Embershard Mine is a passage that leads from the bridge across the smithy and to the exit.  No treasure or enemies are lurking in this passage.  The exit brings you out closer to Riverwood than the entrance.  Wolves may be lurking near the exit if the area hasn’t already been cleared or if enough time has passed in the game and the wolves have re-spawned.

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