Skyrim: Drela’s Cottage

June 23, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Drela’s Cottage in the foothills west of Whiterun, just north of Greenspring Hollow is home to a warlock.  Drela is by no means welcoming to guests, so be prepared as he uses magic effectively.  In his house you will find a plethora of alchemical ingredients and potions, which makes him a useful target for burgeoning alchemists.

Drela’s Cottage does not play a role in any quests, and if you choose you can safely ignore this encounter without damaging your progress in any way.  However you might want to to stop here for other reasons.  Getting rare ingredients can be difficult, and here you will find some ingredients you might need.

Another reason to stop at Drela’s Cottage is to take advantage of having a place to sleep.  Once you clear off Drela, this makes a place where you can rest to get the rested bonus.  He also has an arcane enchanter and an alchemy table that you can use.  Early in the game, before you have your own house this is one place for you to set up base.

A final reason to go to Drela’s Cottage is to get it as a fast travel destination for jumping off to visit Labyrinthian and Lost Valkygg, which is probably why Drela set up his base here in the first place because these are places that hold tremendous magical power and mystery.

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