Skyrim: Deepwood Redoubt

September 15, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Deepwood Redoubt is the way to get to Hag’s End.  If you are looking for the unique weapon Bloodthorn, or the Slow Time shout, you will need to go through here.

Enter Deepwood Redoubt to a tunnel going southeast.  Avoid the pressure plate as you go through the tunnel.  eventually you will reach a wide chamber with 2 forsworn guards with an elevated passage covered by a cage where 2 more forsworn are on patrol – you can’t reach the guards inside the cage at this time.

Fight the two forsworn on the ground level and then exit to a passage southwest.  Watch out for the swinging blade trap, which can be disabled by pulling a lever on the far side of the blades.

The tunnel emerges into a room with two exits – a door to the southeast and a tunnel to the southwest.  Watch out for the rune traps on the floor of this room.  The southwest tunnel to where a forsworn mage lives.  Kill the mage and then loot the body to get a key.  This key opens the door back in the trap room.

Take the door into a passage with yet another trap, this time a swinging door trap.  Eventually you will come to the cage covered elevated passage you saw before with the forsworn guards still on patrol.  Fight them and then fight a third forsworn that waits at a table on the other side.  Then take the stairs up to a door to Deepwood Vale.

Deepwood Vale:

In the distance you will see a massive structure.  To your right is a broken tower wall, and a stream dominates the terrain.  Watch out for the many forsworn that patrol the ruin.  In general they have the advantage of height and you need to be very careful as you work your way up to their living area.  You can loot a chest in the living area of the forsworn briarheart.  If you can climb/jump carefully you can reach the top of the waterfall and loot a hidden chest up there.  At the top of the stairs is a door to Hag’s End.

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