Skyrim: Dawnstar

February 2, 2015 - Video Games

Dawnstar is a mining town that is currently being plagued by constant nightmares.  The two mines: Ironbreaker Mine and Quicksilver mine, offer opportunities to collect some free ore if you are interested.  Each mine has a hidden skill book inside.

The White Hall

There are lots of potions and ingredients to steal here.  You can get the skill book: The Art of War (Destruction) upstairs on the east side, on a table.  In the room with the magic shop and training dummy, and you can find the skill book: Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments (Enchanting).   The book can be kind of hard to find.  Look along the west wall between the barrels to find it.

If you have completed the quest Waking Nightmare, you can purchase property and begin building a home.

Dawnstar Barracks

You find chests here to steal from if you choose.  Go downstairs to reach the jail.  Unlock the cell and look behind the far southwest pillar to find the skill book: The Wolf Queen, v1 (Lockpicking).

Windpeak Inn

Thoring runs this place.

You will find Erandur here, and he will guide you through the quest Waking Nightmare

Karita – bard

Stig Salt-Plank


Brina’s House

Brina and Horik live here.

You can find the skill book: The Importance of Where (One-handed) in a basket near the south wall behind the chest at the foot of the bed.

Betild’s House

You may come here on assignment from the Dark Brotherhood.  The house has a chest and very little of value.

Mortar and Pestle: 

You can find the skill book 2920, Hearthfire, v9 under the counter.

Frida runs this alchemy shop.  You can use her alchemy lab or steal her inventory.

Rustleif’s House

Rustleif is the local blacksmith.  He offers weapons and armor for sale.

Other places:

Leigelf’s House

Irgnir’s House

Fruki’s House

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