Skyrim: Chillwind Depths

August 28, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

If you travel south from Dragon Bridge, you can find Chillwind Depths.

A bear lives just outside this cave, so approach with some caution.  Enter a tunnel going northwest and down into a pool of water.  Cross the shallow pool to find a dead adventurer and an empty chest.  Then exit this little cavern through a tunnel to the south.

Eventually you will find a side passage to your right.  This side passage leads to the lair of a frostbite spider.  The main passage continues south into a frost spider lair.  One spider patrols the ground while 3 more wait to pounce on the unwary.  Another dead adventurer can be found here.  Exit this cavern to the east.

As you traverse this passage you will find another frostbite spider.  You will reach a point where the passage divides.  This can be a bit confusing to navigate, but remember that going south is ultimately the way you want to go.  Watch out for spiders in this hall.  If you take the branch to the left you will enter a passage filled with water.  If you swim down you can find a locked chest.

The main tunnel goes south.  Eventually you will come to a point where a falmer is on a ledge overlooking the stream.  A little further on another falmer is on another ledge also watching for intruders.  A third falmer watches further on, just before you reach the gates of the falmer territory.

Watch out for the pressure plate as you cross into falmer territory.  It will release spears from the sides of the walls.  Just past the pressure plate is a cave with a falmer and a frostbite spider.  This cave has tons of mushrooms in it.  The exit is to the southwest.

Follow the tunnel, keeping an eye out for another falmer with his pet frostbite spider.  You will soon reach a ramp where you an either go up or continue along the stream.  A falmer patrols the ledge.

If you take the upper passage, you will come to a falmer dwelling and workshop.  A falmer is here and there are some pieces of iron ore to pick up, as well as more mushrooms.  From here you go south to a ledge overlooking the chaurus pens below.  A falmer watches over them from the ledge.

If you took the lower route by following the stream then you will come out right next to the pens where two angry chaurus wait to attack.

Either way you arrived here, you will exit by following the stream to the northeast into the main falmer dwelling area.  Here 3 falmer live.  There are 2 chests (1 locked) to loot here, as well as the corpse of Firir which has a note on it explaining what happened to the adventurers.

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