Skyrim: Bruca’s Leap Redoubt

August 30, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Bruca’s Leap Redoubt by following the river going southwest of Dragon Bridge.  This forsworn camp has forsworn guarding the outside, where you can find sleeping areas and a chicken’s nest.


Enter a tunnel going down to the north.  You will reach a window overlooking the forsworn encampment in a cavern below.  From here you can try to snipe the enemies if you choose.  Or follow the passage around the face the Forsworn Briarheart and his helper below.  On the shelf behind the briarheart you can find some loose items and the skill book: A Tragedy in Black (Enchanting).

On the table where the briarheart was working you can find a human heart, which appears to have been recently removed from the victim.  This is a very rare alchemy ingredient if you are into alchemy.

A large chest can be found hidden among the rocks behind the central pillar of Bruca’s Leap Redoubt.

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