Skyrim: Broken Tower Redoubt

August 31, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Broken Tower Redoubt along the road from Karthwasten to Rorikstead.  This forsworn stronghold has a sentry watching from atop a tower and one stationed at the front entrance.

Interior – from main door off the road

Enter facing south.  The passage winds around until you reach a split-level entry chamber with one forsworn on the ground level and one above.  On the ground level is a storage room with some loose items.  Take the stairs up to the upper level.

A corridor goes off to the east and a door to the west opens into another corridor.

Go east an you will follow a ledge around the room and eventually hit a dead end, forcing you to go west.  There is nothing of value to be found going this way.

Go west and turn a corner, being careful to avoid the pressure plate.  This corridor ends in a sleeping area where a forsworn can be found.  Here a locked chest holds some of their treasure.  You can find a strongbox and the skill book:The Mirror (Block) on a shelf to the southwest.  There are also loose coins you can pick up.

This chamber has a door to the north which exits to Skyrim – the area behind the keep.  You can also take a door to the east which leads out to an area above the entry chamber you already explored, only now you are on the opposite side.

The corridor turns north and then east again.  Eventually you will come to a wide area with another door to the north that opens into Skyrim.  Continue east and you will come around to a set of stairs circling up.

A forsworn sentinel guards the top of the stairs, and will alert his or her companion in the room just beyond.  Watch out for the rolling stone trap here.  In the room at the top of the stairs find the 2nd forsworn and a chest.

Continue northwest and you will find more stairs circling up – the opposite direction now.  A final forsworn guards these stairs.  At the top you can find a third exit to skyrim.  This brings you out on the rampart between the east and central towers.  Here is a forsworn lookout.

From here you can go through a door to enter the top of the central tower.  Enter here and face a Forsworn Briarheart.  Watch out for the rune on the floor.  As you enter, a table to your left has the skill book: Liminal Bridges (Conjuration).  To the north is a sleeping area with a chest.


On top of the ramparts you can find a few forsworn and a grindstone.

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