Skyrim: Broken Fang Cave

October 2, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Broken Fang Cave west of Whiterun on your way to Rorikstead.  Enter facing west. You will quickly come to a large chamber with several sets of stairs surrounding a central area.  Inside area  vampire and 3 skeletons.  find a chest in the southeast corner.

You can find the exit up the stairs to the west through a  coffin.  This leads to a room with a cage and a master vampire.  Here you can find an arcane enchanter, an alchemy lab, a large chest, and a few potions and loose gear.  On a shelf next tot eh enchanter is a skill book: Mystery of Talara, v4 (illusion).  Another skill book, The Wolf Queen, v1 (lockpicking) can be found next to the alchemy lab.

Broken Fang Cave is one of the easier vampire lairs to clear in Skyrim, and is a good test for even low level characters that are looking to test themselves against the undead.  It is also a quick way to pick up the some easy skill books.

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