Skyrim: Bleak Falls Sanctum:

January 2, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

The sanctum opens into a passage the ends with another hall of swinging blades.  The pull chain to stop the blades is at the end of the hall on the right hand side.  Be careful here because as you enter the chamber beyond a draugr will emerge from a coffin and begin attacking.  This will also alert two more draugr who are waiting on wooden stairs above this room.  To the right is an alcove with a potion.  Oil slicks in this room can be ignited to roast the draugr.


Go up the stairs and turn left to cross a narrow stone bridge to a door that opens into a large chamber with one of the many claw puzzle doors of Skyrim.  The solution to the door is, from top to bottom, Bear, Butterfly, Owl, or two clicks on each circle.  The large chamber beyond contains the dungeon boss.


This chamber contains a chest, a potion, and a word wall with the first word of unrelenting force.  When you approach the word wall to learn the word, the top of the coffin will explode off and a draugr overlord will emerge.


This can be  a tough fight for the inexperienced or if the difficulty is set high.  One strategy is to get him on one side of the chest and hit him with ranged attacks/spells because his melee attack is quite powerful.  Be sure to loot him to get the Dragonstone and his enchanted weapon.


Take the stairs up and pull the lever to the right at the top of the stairs to open the secret door.  Take the hidden passage to find a chest and the exit.

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