Skyrim: Bleak Falls Barrow

January 1, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This is a walkthrough for Bleak Falls Barrow in Skyrim.  Enemies: Bandits and Draugr

Quest related: Dragonstone for Belethor of Dragonreach, Golden Claw for Lucan Valerius

All quest items found in Bleak Falls Barrow can be found at any time.  The quests need not be started before exploring.

Walkthrough:  Take the path northwest out of Riverwood.  Beware the wolf that waits just around the turn of the road.  Follow the path until you see a tower.  Three bandits guard the tower.  A chest awaits atop the tower and an iron ore vein can be found behind the tower.

Follow the path up the mountain.  Look for cairns (rock piles) with flags for guidance.  Outside of the barrow 3 more bandits have set up camp.  They can be difficult to surprise because they have a clear vantage point.

The barrow opens into a wide, long chamber with 2 more bandits camping.  There is a chest with leveled loot and several skeever corpses that can be looted for skeever tails (useful for crafting poison).

Take the passage out and down from the main chamber to the first puzzle room.  A tough bandit will pull the lever in an attempt to open the gate, but he will be hit by many poison darts and die.  It is possible to attack him and keep him from pulling the lever, but this is inadvisable for beginners because he is much tougher than the other bandits.  The solution to the puzzle is Snake, Snake, Whale, going from left to right – or 1 turn, 2 turns, 2 turns.  Pull the lever and continue.

At the end of the next short passage is an alcove with a chest and the skill book: Thief on a table.  To the right is a circular staircase.

At the bottom of the staircase are 3 skeevers, but they will generally be alerted long before you reach the staircase and come to attack as you descend.  It is advisable to alert them and then go back to the top of the stairs to fight in order to avoid the off balance fighting on the stairs.

On an alter in the skeever room are a valuable potion and scroll.

Continue along a long passage until you find the way blocked by cobwebs.  Use any weapon or destruction spell to destroy the webs.  When you enter the next room a frostbite spider will descend from the ceiling and attack you.  The spider has imprisoned Arvel the Swift in cobwebs at the far end of the room.  One useful glitch here is to use a Fury spell in order to agitate the spider as it descends and then hide.  The spider will fight Arvel the Swift, which can be useful to bring down its health to kill it easier.

No matter where Arvel ends up, you need to cut apart the cobwebs that hold him.  He will immediately run away.  You can either chase him down and fight him or let him run away where he will be killed by draugr.  Be sure to loot Arvel because he has the Golden Claw which you need to take to Lucan Valerius in Riverwood.

Proceed into the chamber after the spider room and collect some small treasures.  Then down a passage to a room holding 3 active draugr.  Some or all of the draugr may still be lying down.  If so, they will activate when they detect you, although it is possible to sneak past them.  At the far end of the room is a pressure plate that activates a spiked gate trap.  This gate can be used to deal with the draugr in this room as well as the draugr in the next room, if you are careful.

Down the hall and around the corner from the pressure plate is another room with 3 more draugr.  There is a blocked passage on the right hand side of this room, at the top of which is a locked chest that can be looted.  A swinging blade trap guards the hallway exiting this room.  The pull chain to stop the trap is on the left hand side at the far end of the trap.

The winding hallway following the trap is guarded by draugr.  An oil slick may be lighted on fire in the hallway to burn draugr as they activate.  If you have raised your archery skill and are sneaking, these draugr may be picked off one by one quite easily as they are standing in little alcoves and will not move until they detect you or until you attack them.  This winding hallway ends in a room containing a wall coffin with a draugr in it as well as a chest.  On the wall to the right is a grate that can be opened by the pulling the chain to the right of the grate.

Beyond the grate is a cavern with glowing mushrooms and a little stream.  On the right hand side there is an iron ore vein and a pickaxe near a skeleton.  The end of the cavern opens over a little waterfall overlooking the path below upon which patrols some leveled enemy – usually a draugr, but which may be  troll or frost troll if you are high enough level.  To the right of the cave opening is a chest and a hallway leading down to the path patrolled by the enemy.

Below the path with the enemy is pool where the waterfall gathers.  Near the pool is a chest and a few skeletons that can be looted.

A tunnel leads back into the mountain and ends in a room guarded by a draugr.  There is a locked chest here and a door leading to Bleak Falls Sanctum.

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