Skyrim: Bard’s Leap Summit

September 29, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Bard’s Leap Summit just north of the word wall at Lost Valley Redoubt. You can jump from here to land in a pool. Swim out and talk to Azzadal, the ghost of a bard. He will increase your speech skill. Here you can also find some forsworn dwellings if you didn’t already loot them on your way up.

Be careful when you leap to land in the pool.  If you miss, you will die.  You can use the become ethereal shout to keep from dying as well, but timing it can be a little tricky and there is no need so long as you just land in the water.

Bard’s Leap Summit is not necessary in order to finish any of the quests, and there are no items of significance, but it is an opportunity to increase your speech skill for free if you need to.

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