Skyrim: Shearpoint

May 28, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Shearpoint is a dragon mound / dragon lair located in the pale.  You might get a letter from a friend telling you about it, or you might need to just find it.  You can find it near Irkngthand and Fellglow keep.

Shearpoint can be extremely dangerous.  Here you can find a dragon, who will, of course, attack.  In addition beware the dragon priest Krosis.  Dragon priests are extremely tough to fight because of their powerful attacks and because of their excellent mobility.  Here you can find the word wall for the shout: Throw Voice.  Here you can learn all three words for the shout rather than just one.

The Throw Voice shout requires some skill to find a use, but it fits well if you are playing a ninja character looking to distract enemies and sneak around.  Throw Voice is pretty useless if you are a combat-focused player.

Shearpoint is dangerous, not only because of the dragonpriest, but also because of the shear cliffs that make managing the terrain difficult.  It is worth the danger if you are trying to collect all of the dragonpriest masks.  Like all other dragon mounds, Shearpoint contains a dragon, which makes it doubly difficult if you aren’t prepared.  Both dragonpriests and dragons are best handled using ranged attacks because they are difficult to approach, and with the reduce maneuverability this can be a hard fight for the unprepared.

One strategy for low-level adventurers to get through Shearpoint without trouble would be to first get your hands on the Wabbajack by completing the  quest “Mind of Madness” and then using the Wabbajack to turn the dragonpriest into something much easier to handle, like a goat.  This would even allow a first level character to acquire the powerful dragonpriest mask Krosis.

Krosis is a light armor mask that provides a 20% boost to Lockpicking, Alchemy, and Archery.  Obviously, this mask is good for ninja-type characters.

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