Shadows That Dance at Dawn

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Sometimes shadows
play tricks on our minds
just the way
rain clouds do.

Lost lemmings come
when nightmares become
daydreams with no way
to split the two.

light makes shadows real by hiding
just as day
makes night sparkle.

Crystal rose oozes
up when dawn filters
out Tuesday bright rays
burn mucky dew.

Shadow glass rabbits
mingle with Gods,
casting a grand play
writeen by . . .

Pisspots and brainbeams
bouncing on walls of steel,
no one knows the way
to Katmandu.

Hearts burst in spurts
at times. Nobody
holds tigers at bay
when old clocks run

and we bounce again
and the shadows come.
the dimness stays
the day out

making puddles on the brain
grow deep and rank
until the shadows spray
evening dew.

Gray rabbits will forget
patterns. Becoming shadow;
new time is a new day,
icy smooth.

But no brainbeam or light,
lost lemming rose,
or pisspot shade
or three or two,

Can bounce back or spurt
or spin about to make
me forget the way
rain clouds do.

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