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March 16, 2015 - Just For Kicks

Solid quality backlinks can be very hard to get.  Often they require money, and always they require time – sometimes it may take years to get a really quality backlink.


Backlinks fall into two major groups – internal and external – and within those groups there are two categories dofollow and nofollow.  I have another article that explains dofollow and nofollow tags and how to check for them, so I won’t spend time on that here.


An internal backlink is a link within your web site that links to another page within your web site.  For example, if you my article on the 5 Basics of SEO, click the link and you can read it.  This is an internal link from my web page to my other web page.  these links are important.  they help you tell search engines what your site is about and what each page in your site is about.  Ideally you want your main landing pages – the ones that are already the most popular – to have 2-3 internal links to them using quality anchor text.


Quality anchor text means that the words your users have to click on are closely related to or match the long tail keywords you are targeting.  Because you have, or should have, complete control over the links on your own site, you should be able to appropriately match the anchor text to the keywords you want.  Just remember not to spam links throughout your site.  Search bots aren’t stupid and if they find hundreds of internal links that look like spam, your site will probably get flagged.


External links, on the other hand, are not so easy to get.  To get these you need to convince another webmaster to link to your pages.  If you haven’t follow the number one rule of SEO – create great content – this will never happen naturally and might never happen at all.


So, how do you get another site to link to yours?

  1. Look for free links
  2. Ask for them
  3. Pay for them


Personally I don’t pay for them – ever, but if you have an advertising budget set aside then consider purchasing quality permanent backlinks.  Notice I used the word permanent.  Most advertising out there comes in the form of banner ads or temporary text ads.  Generally these are nofollow and temporary.  That is to say that search engines won’t index them and they only last as long as you keep paying for them.


There are sites out there where you can get free links.  For example, you can use one of the many build your own website sites such as Wix, Weebly, or Blogger.  Social media sits such as Facebook, Tsu, and Google+ also allow you to create free backlinks but these are almost always nofollow so again search engines won’t index them.  Other sources of free backlinks include forums, comments, and sites that allow you to send messages, but again these are almost always nofollow.  The one part of these backlinks that you can control is the anchor text because you are the one creating the link, which is good because you can then make it match the search terms you are looking for.


Asking for links is free, in the sense that you aren’t going to pay money for them, but not free in that generally there will be an exchange.  Usually the other web master will ask that you link back to their site somewhere.  Ask to write a guest post for somebody and you can include a link, just one, back to your site.  In return they may ask to guest post on your blog or they may ask that you link back to a page in your site.  Be careful about having too many outgoing links, but a few links to reputable sites or helpful pages won’t hurt you at all and can even draw more traffic because your users will come back because they know they can find useful links.


When choosing where to get your links from, you need to consider more than just the nofollow/dofollow status of the link.  Run a quick check to make sure the site hasn’t been flagged by google, and then check out the page and the site in terms of authority.  There are several indicators out there, depending on which SEO site/tool you use, but page rank is the most common.  In essence, though you want pages that have higher page rank than those that don’t.  If you can get a link on a highly ranked page it is generally worth purchasing and definitely worth exchanging for.

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