Pit Mining in Minecraft

December 30, 2014 - Minecraft / Video Games

Open Pit Mining in Minecraft can be tedious, but also rewarding.  In essence you choose a section of ground and dig yourself a pit.  I suggest nothing larger than 30×30, or smaller than 15×15.




Because for building stackable structures you are guaranteed to get all the resources you need with virtually no risk.  Most mob spawners, iron factories, etc. require a 20×20 area because of the flow of water, and most are designed to be stackable, but mining all that cobble and then moving it around can be tough.  If you start with an appropriate sized pit, and then build up the walls as you go, by the time you reach bedrock you will have a structure as tall as you want as well as stacks of iron, coal, redstone, sufficient gold, and at least a few diamonds.


If you bring a bed with you , then all you need do is sleep at night.  Because the pit is open you always know what time it is with no need for a clock.  Nor do you need a map.


Rather than looking at cobblestone as a hindrance, view it as a resource to your building needs, and the open pit becomes a bit more appealing.

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