O Say What is Truth

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Oh say what is truth?
Which illusion hides the gem
Beneath the red lies of men?
Truth in thought, action, word, deed—
Perhaps is found in none of these.
Does a handshake and a smile
Cover a soul full of guile?
Does another false prophet
Slaughter her sheep for profit?
A blind seer
Shifting markets
And futures
Of soulless cattle
—High on idle prattle—
With his bare arm stretched upwards
In prayers of greedy words.
Forgive! Oh invisible.
Forgive these hot blood-stained hands
That seek wealth invincible
Be deceiving the white lambs.
Before my face
The hurt is reel.
Powerful souls
Die daily—
A death bleaker,
Bitterer than torture.
They choose a truth to screen
Their painless screams.
A truth as hollow
As the life they can’t escape.
Will no true prophet come?
A pure, brilliant chosen son?
A savior to save mankind
Its own

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