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The Cleansing of Darnuth Keep 

Genre – Fantasy (High Fantasy)


Follow the adventures of Colter Halfspear as he is forced to take up the quest that his father refused to follow.



Alathor Online 

Genre – Fantasy (Urban Fantasy)

Alathor Online

Set in modern day United States, follow AC Jones as he discovers that the online game he has been playing isn’t as pretend as he thought.  Vampires, werewolves, and fairies turn out to be as much a part of this world as the online world he has been immersing himself in.


 A Year in the Life of Kiev KostasA Year in the Life of Kiev Kostas

Genre – Juvenile Fiction (Realistic)

Kiev is new to a tiny town, and has had a hard time adjusting and making friends.  To make matters worse he discovers his mothers problems with alcohol and her relationship with a former high school sweetheart who is now married to another woman.

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