Minecraft Uphill Water

December 23, 2014 - Minecraft / Video Games

Water can be made to flow uphill in Minecraft by carefully using slabs and building a canal for the water to flow through.  This uphill water flow can then be used to transport villagers, yourself, or other mobs easily to different parts of your world.

In order to make the water step uphill:

  • Build the canal where you want the water to flow. This is easiest if you keep it 1 block wide.
  • Place your water source block. It will flow forward seven blocks.
  • In the eighth block place a slab. It doesn’t matter what type of slab, cobblestone slabs are cheap and easy to come by.
  • Now build up the wall behind the slab, so that the wall is 2 blocks (or higher) next to the slab as well as behind the slab (i.e. where the water is already flowing).
  • Place a sign in the wall behind the slab (i.e. over where the water just ended).
  • Place your next water source block on top of the slab.
  • Repeat until you have reached your destination.

The water will carry you or another mob from the starting water source and move you on top of the slab.  Then the next water source block, which starts on top of the slab, will pick you up and move you forward again.

If you want to move up large slopes then be sure to give yourself plenty of room to work with because the construct requires at least 2 blocks of horizontal space so you the stairs you build will need to be less steep than normal.

Enjoy, and remember: Play your way.

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