Minecraft Simple Village

January 29, 2015 - Minecraft / Video Games

Building new villages is quick and easy.  In essence you need to make sure you have at least one valid house and 1 villager.  Getting Villagers to make more Villagers takes a little more work.


First, build yourself as many valid houses as you can.  In order to get Iron Golems spawning you will need at least 29 doors, but if you want to open the possibilities of making a trading empire, then you will want more doors.



1             1



Here is an example of a simple apartment that is stackable and works really well.  Each x is a block and each – is a door.  You can scale this as long as you want and stack as many on top of each other as you want.  Just make sure that there are no blocks for five squares in front of any of the doors, otherwise that door won’t count as a valid house.


In addition to doors, you will also need to provide your Villagers with food.  This is as simple as planting some wheat.  You need do nothing else, but if there isn’t enough wheat available then children won’t spawn.  One long apartment and an 8×4 wheat field will get your new village going in no time.

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