Minecraft Easy Villager Transport

December 24, 2014 - Minecraft / Video Games

Moving Villagers from place to place in order to start new colonies can be a difficult and painstaking task.  Villagers are notorious for being stupid and getting themselves killed, and they really dislike being moved to far away from their current village.  Attempting to push them all the way from one village to another is impossible because once you reach too far they will run through you back to their starting location.  You can’t prevent them from running through you (similar to the way other players can run through you).

The solution is to use water.  Moving them downhill, then becomes simple and obvious.  Moving them uphill or across even ground takes more time.  In order to accomplish this, you will need to build an uphill canal.  When building a transport canal of this type, be sure to build all of the walls at least three blocks high.  If you do not, then the villagers will be able to jump out of the canal when they reach a new source block.  If they are close enough to their old village then they will run back and you will have to start all over again.

On their own, Villagers won’t step into the water, so you will need to push them onto the original source block.  Although they will transport through the canal on their own, they will move faster if you ride behind them, pushing them a little, but be careful.  If you push too hard then they will push through you and you will be stuck taking a canal ride for nothing.

Another method of moving villagers is to simply move the village.  In order to do this, begin by cutting down one of the doors in the village.  Place it about 20 blocks away from the village in the direction you want villagers to go.  Then go and back and repeat this process with all of the other doors in the village until you have  a line of doors leading to where you want the villagers to live.

As the villagers move, go back and cut down the first door again and move it to the end of the line.  You will need to wait for the game to reset the location of the “village” as you do this, but this method involves less construction than other methods.  If there are a lot of hills or canyons, you need to be careful because the “village” will disappear if the y height changes too much.  But for short distances over easy terrain this is the easiest method of moving villagers.

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