Maddening Saddening Lonely

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Why do I feel this black sadness
knocking at my soul?
Is there an answer to this madness
making my mind hole?

I’m lost and lonely,
with kind people all around me.
My voice is weak, so they don’t hear
my quiet cries of unseen fear.


to clatter noisily against the tile floor,
while they read white words of life evermore.

In my pool of despair frowns
ripple softly out and down
to touch those kind people
who refuse to touch me.

They turn.
I wait.

They turn away.

Death knells.

My mind cries out against my loneliness.
Why do I feel this dark sadness,
Wracking my poor soul with madness,
When these kind people hold the key?

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