How to Make Money on Entropia Universe Without Sweating

January 21, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Okay, so you don’t want to sweat and you don’t want to fruitwalk. Too boring. You don’t have time. You are willing to invest some cash. What are some ideas?  There are still ways to make money in Entropia Universe.

One of the first ideas people have is becoming a trader – opening a virtual store and trafficking in virtual items. Wonderful. Entropia Universe thrives on trade and there are unlimited possibilities here. Everyone needs something and if you are the person who can get those things for people you will quickly become a valuable resource. So what’s the catch? The catch is that you should be looking at having a bankroll of around 10,000 PED in order to maintain a supply that can be effectively and regularly cycled for a profit. In addition you will need to invest significant time into understanding what the trends are in the economy so that you can tell what items are staples in constant demand and what items spring up for a day or a week with high MU (markup) and then die away again. This is akin to running a real world shop but can be highly lucrative if you are willing to invest the initial money and time.  If you have more time than money, you can always sweat to raise the PED to start your bankroll and start small.  Pay attention to the trade channels and auction.  Items come up from time to time that are good opportunities to buy and then resell.  It requires patience and learning, so don’t expect to just jump in and make a bundle.

Another way to make money in Entropia Universe is running a taxi service. Interplanetary travel is always in demand. People are constantly moving from planet to planet. Your initial investment is significantly less than the investment to become a trader, but the potential profits and risks are also lower.

A good taxi service includes:

  • Reasonable prices
  • A knowledgeable pilot
  • Regular availability
  • Repair gear in case you get destroyed in space

Be sure to warn your passengers about the risks of space travel. You cannot control pirate attacks and in general you probably won’t win any confrontations with pirates if you are attacked, and you don’t want someone complaining about how they lost all their stuff in a pirate raid. Sooner or later your ship will likely get trashed, so you need to have a repair tool and some welding wire on you so that you don’t get stranded on a space station somewhere with no way of continuing on. Even worse you don’t want to get your passenger stranded – that would ruin your reputation and business in a hurry.

A third profit potential is work for hire. This is more difficult to get into because few people in Entropia Universe are willing to pay you to do something they can do for themselves. Three areas that have some potential include healing for hire, repairing spacecraft, and hunting to fill orders.

Some crafters will need a specific resource and are willing to contract with players to fill an order for a given quantity of that resource at a given price. Usually these are either very large quantities or very rare items which means that they want an experienced hunter who can hit the larger mobs in order to fill the orders more quickly. These types of jobs are difficult to find and usually require networking and talking with many players in order to find a client.

Healing for hire is a fairly common way of making a little bit of money while doing something active. Often those mercenaries who are working to fill orders or who are just after big game need someone who can heal them while they hunt because their targets do far more damage than they themselves can heal. Usually they will pay for the decay on your healing tool (FAP) and often pay slightly extra. You won’t get rich doing this but you will get free skill points, and you will get to know experienced players and develop connections.

Repairing for hire means getting onto a space station or mothership and then repairing the crashed spacecraft as they come in. This is a difficult profession to become involved with and the profits are extremely marginal and uncertain

A final profit method – similar to trading – is speculating in deeds. The two types of deeds currently available are Calypso Land Deeds or CLDs (and CLDx) and Arkadia Underground Deeds (AUD). AUD can be purchased (currently) in the webshop, whereas CLD and CLDx can only be purchased from other players. Each of these deeds pays a small daily dividend which would take years to recover the initial cost. However the prices in-game fuctuate and speculating in this manner as to when and how the price will increase can lead to profits (or losses) accordingly.

The purpose of this article, of course, isn’t to recommend any one business or profit methodology, but simply to explain more or less some of the basic ideas that are commonly asked. What my personal profit methodology is (if any), I am not going to talk about here simply because I don’t want to endorse one method over any other. Entropia Universe needs multiple different business approaches in order to remain a vibrant, full world.

I will simply state this: I do make a regular profit.

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