How to Find Fruits in Entropia Universe

January 14, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Finding fruit, stones, and other ground spawns in Entropia Universe is simple but not necessarily easy. It requires a great deal of patience.  This is one way of making money in Entropia Universe.

Because finding fruit and other ground spawns is one of the few ways to get free stuff in Entropia, it requires time. Fruits only spawn rarely – that is to say it can take hours before you will see anything, and then you may only get a few fruits at a time. Sometimes you will get a large size spawn of a few hundred, but not always.

Okay, so here is how it works. Your avatar can only see ground spawns within 5 meters of itself. This means that if you are moving quickly the fruit will appear and then quickly disappear – perhaps so quickly that you don’t even see it. In the case of some stones, for example, they are so small and uniform in color that you might mistake them for a graphic glitch if you aren’t paying attention. Also, because you may be moving in strange angles, or strafing, it is possible for objects to appear behind your avatar.

So, what’s the strategy for how to find fruits in Entropia Universe? If you are looking for things on the ground, walk and scroll your camera view out so you can see the ground around your avatar. It is pretty simple.

Of course there will be arguments against this such as “I saw fruit when I was running,” or “I only play in first person and I got fruit just yesterday.” Okay, sure, I get it. I find fruit and stones too when I’m doing something other than looking for them. Everyone does. But if I’m going to spend a couple of hours seriously looking – and it is possible to hook up 10 PED worth of ground spawns in 2 or 3 hours, then I’m going to maximize my chances.

The last argument against “fruitwalking” is that it is boring. Well, guess what? You’re right. Finding fruit in Entropia Universe isn’t that exciting. After a while you’ve seen all there is to see. So is there a solution? In my opinion yes. If you combine fruitwalking with another activity such as mining or lumber jacking, the time spent is much less tedious. While I don’t recommend combining it with hunting – there is simply too much going on to be effective, mining and lumberjacking are activities that are essentially performed alone in the wilderness with no mobs around anyway.

If you have been in the habit of running and working in 1st person then change those habits or at least do less running and you will suddenly find yourself picking up fruits and stones much more often. It is not uncommon on a lumberjacking run for my avatar to pick up large quantities of groundspawns in addition to developing her resource gathering skills. Likewise when mining I grab the skills, the minerals and enmatters AND I come home with a load of freebies.

Good luck!


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