Guide to Making PED in Entropia Universe

January 2, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

First of all this guide is geared to players who want to play for free – that is who aren’t going to deposit money. For those of you out there looking to make investments you’ll want to check out my ideas on earning money without sweating.  Also check the forums and talk to people in-game to see what their needs are.

In essence there aren’t a lot of ways to get free PED. If there were the developers would quickly go out of business because everyone would be doing it and fundamentally the economy of the game would break. So don’t think you are going to go get rich quickly. That just isn’t going to happen.  Nevertheless, there are opportunities to make money in Entropia Universe; it just takes patience and skill.

Secondly, all the PED you get for “free” actually will be coming from other players which means that you have to find players with PED in order to get them. The economy is run entirely by players which means that you have to trade and interact with them in order to get what you need.

Okay, so down to business. The 2 easiest ways to get PED are sweating and fruitwalking.

Let’s start with fruitwalking – or collecting ground spawns. Ground spawns include stones, fruits, and dung. Fruits are the most valuable, followed by stones and then dung. These spawns are rare. It can take hours to find a single spawn. One spawn can contain anywhere from 10 to a few hundred of any given item. At the time of this article, fruit was selling from 15-17 PED/k so you could earn 1.5 PED if you walk for 2 hours and find 100 fruit and then find someone willing to buy the fruit.

In order to maximize your chances for finding fruit, be sure to use your mouse wheel to scroll out to 3rd person view. Use your interface to turn off objects and then walk – don’t run. The spawns always appear within 5 meters of your avatar, and they can appear behind you, and as soon as you move 5m away they disappear (although you can walk back and find them again if you act quickly). So if you are running in 1st person view odds are good you will miss a few spawns. Ground spawns can happen pretty much anywhere. I even picked up some dung right next to a teleporter once.

Now for sweating. You will start the game with a VSE MK-1. This tool is for getting vibrant sweat from animals (VSE = Vibrant Sweat Extractor). Equip the tool. Point it at the animal and use it like a gun. At first you will fail a lot. Eventually your skills will build up and you will get sweat. Collect a thousand sweat or so and then sell them off. At the time of this article sweat was going for 1.7 to 2 PED/k so if you spend 3 hours collecting a thousand sweat you can get yourself 1.7 PED if you can find a player willing to buy.

Now sweating is not completely free. Once the animal goes “dry” – you get a message informing you that you can’t get anymore sweat from it, one of you has to die, so generally you will want to kill it, which requires a weapon of some sort. Of course this means that you will be leveling up your combat skills – especially your evade skill (which is arguably the most important combat skill) while earning a few PED. For this reason sweating is highly recommended for new players even if they are buying PED.

So . . . be prepared to spend a LOT of time doing something that feels unproductive in order to get those “free” PED.

There are other business opportunities out there in Entropia Universe – in fact there are far too many to include in one article, but all of them require some initial investment, just like a business in the real world.

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