Getting Started with Construction in Entropia Universe

February 1, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Construction in Entropia Universe is very straightforward and really pretty simple. You acquire a blueprint and the materials the blueprint calls for and go to a construction terminal. At higher levels there is a possibility of making profit, but realistically it is hard to make money this way. Once at the terminal select the blueprint you want to build and double click. If you wish you can select the number of attempt to perform (up to the maximum amount of materials you own), and press construct.

If you have materials for many attempts you can just walk away and let it go. After each attempt you will get a little report about what the results were. At first you should expect many failures. As your skill level rises you will have fewer failures and more near successes and successes.

As you build with a blueprint you have the chance of finding new blueprints. This is the primary way of discovering how to build new things. Otherwise you have to buy the blueprints from other players or a starter blueprint from a technician (or technician terminal). The technicians on each planet sell different starter blueprints, but none of them sell very many blueprints so do not expect to get very far if you are relying on the technician to help you out. If you are patient, you can often find players willing to sell blueprints cheaply or even give them away because they can be hard to sell.

On Calypso, perhaps the best way to get started in construction is with the Basic Filters blueprint. You can easily buy this blueprint, and because it only requires oil and lysterium – things you can easily and cheaply acquire – it is simple to get started.

On Arkadia it might be preferable to start with Carabok leather textures. You can get the blueprint a the Trade Terminal, and because Carabok is main hunting mission everyone starts with the hides are easy to get.

Of course these are not the only starting options, and your mentor or society may have other recommendations.

If you just want to go for it, you can always just buy nanocubes and get an explosive projectiles blueprint and start turning PED into explosive projectiles. The success rate for this blueprint is generally lower than that of other blueprints – even after you have reached 100% on the blueprint, so it is NOT something I personally recommend, but it is quick and easy (if you have the PED). Many players gamble on explosive projectiles and frequently the Hall of Fame ticker lights up with players manufacturing explosive projectiles; however most players do NOT win big doing this.

Just as with mining or hunting, be prepared to spend a lot of time before you see the results you are looking for. Perhaps even more so than with the other professions, you will need to experiment in order to find what is successful for you. Some blueprints have better payouts than others and some items you craft will have better resell value to other players.

One question that comes up often is what to do with the metal, energy, and other residues that appear while crafting. The markup (MU) or resell value on these items is very low, so selling them doesn’t usually bring much profit – although that is exactly what you will probably end up doing at first. These residues are used when crafting Limited (L) items in order to increase their value, so until you begin crafting limited items you really won’t have any use for the residues. Of course the wise path (a general rule in Entropia) is to hang onto stuff until you either have enough to sell at a profit or until you have a use for it yourself. In the case of residues you will need a minimum of 100 PED of them in order to sell at a profit.

Good luck at the crafting tables!


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