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January 1, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Whether you choose Calypso or Arkadia to start in Entropia Universe, there are some basics that you need to keep in mind when planning your career.

First of all, just like the real world, nothing happens for free. Weapons, armor, and tools all wear out, so you need to plan accordingly. This means that you need to have a plan for getting PED – the in-game currency. So, either you need to be prepared to spend hours working to earn them or you need to go to and buy some from the web store or use in in-game interface. Without PED you won’t go far!

After you have finished this guide, you may want to check out my guide to making PED in Entropia Universe.

First of all, if you haven’t created a character AND you are willing to deposit, you should do so before you creating your character because you will be given far more options for creating your avatar if you deposit first. Just a suggestion – one I am making because I waited to deposit until after making my avatar and now I don’t get those options.

As for which planet to choose – well there are a lot of factors that go into that choice, but they all boil down to this – it doesn’t matter really. Arkadia is probably easier for new players but Calypso has more players and quests (not that quests are that big of a deal).  You can get started in Entropia Universe on either planet.

I recommend starting on Calypso, doing Gauntlet I and II and then getting a ride to Arkadia as soon as possible. Others will recommend something else and that is fine. Like I said before – it doesn’t matter.

Okay, so you’ve got your character and you made it through the tutorial for either Calypso or Arkadia and now you have arrived on your planet.

What do you do?

Step 1 – get a good mentor. If that isn’t possible, get a bad mentor, use these guides, and proceed to step 2. Wait, what?  A bad mentor?  Yes.  Just having a mentor will give you in-game rewards that you don’t want to miss, and getting mentor points is MUCH easier at low levels before you get skills.

Step 2 – join a good society. Really. They will support and answer your questions and help you out. A mentor is good, but it is only one person and that person will not be online all the time when you need him or her. A good society will always have someone online who can help with your questions.

Step 3 – do the newbie quests. There will be quests offered to you when you arrive on your planet. They will take several hours to complete – perhaps a few days. You will be rewarded with a few pieces of newbie gear. The gear isn’t all that great, but it gets you started. More importantly the quests get you familiar with the game and familiar with the planet you are on. Far too many players want to skip the quests and jump right into something only to realize later that they would have been better off doing the quests. And many players end up looking like fools asking about info they would have picked up during the quests.

Step 4 – pick up all the Iron Challenges (Calypso) or IFN Challenges (Arkadia).  Do this as soon as possible so that each mob you kill counts towards getting a reward – even if you don’t plan on hunting as a main career.  Sooner or later you will probably fight something.

Step 5 – sweat at least 500 mobs. You may opt to skip this step. Ok. No problem. Many players – in fact most players – skip this step. Of course they usually end up coming back and doing it later. This will help you.  Sweating isn’t just about getting the sweat; it is also about getting the skill points, especially the defensive skills that will save you PED later. If possible, get your mentor or someone to heal you while you sweat.  If you have absolutely zero interest (and I mean ZERO interest) in combat AND you plan to pay cash for all your PED, then skip this step.

Step 6 – try out all 3 core professions – mining, hunting, and crafting. Kill 500 puny, drop 500 probes, craft 500 basic filters. Now you know exactly how that profession is going to work out for you. Things really aren’t going to change much for the rest of the game. Where you mine or what you are looking for might change, and the tools you use will change, but the essence of what you are doing isn’t going to change.

Not sure what weapon to use?  Here is a guide to hunting basics, here is a guide to getting started mining, and here are some tips on starting with blue prints.

Step 7 – finish your discipleship. You can track your mentoring progress and as you skill up you will make progress towards completion. At the end of your discipleship you will be rewarded with new armor and a new vehicle. Along the way your mentor and society will help you answer your questions.



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