Entropia Universe Lumberjacking Guide

July 6, 2015 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Entropia Universe Quick Lumberjacking Guide

Lumberjacking, or the cutting of trees, in Entropia Universe is as simple as every other resource gathering activity, and in fact, more simple than most.

In essence, all that you need is a Terratech PH-1 harvesting tool, which you can purchase for 5 PED at the trade terminal. Then simply equip the tool and then explore the world looking for trees which have a readily visible glowing dot on them and get close enough and click the glowing dot. That’s it!

Unfortunately, unless you want to lose a lot of PED, the profession is more complicated, time consuming, and frustrating.

The basics:

Trees come in 3 levels, small, large, and huge. Likewise there are three levels of harvesters, the Terratech PH-1, PH-2, and PH-3 respectively.

Level 1 trees offer wood shavings and Short moonleaf boards.

Level 2 trees offer wood shavings and moonleaf boards.

Level 3 trees offer wood shavings and Long moonleaf boards.

If you use a harvester that is lower level than the tree you are harvesting, you will get the smaller boards AND you will suffer a penalty in economy, that is to say you won’t get as good of drops by harvesting from level 2 trees with a level 1 harvester. The difference is slight, but over time becomes quite noticeable.


First of all, it is impossible to earn money harvesting trees at low levels. The work is inefficient. You will lose roughly .5 to .75 PED for each level 1 harvester that you purchase and use up, if you sell to the trade terminal. There is no way to avoid this loss, other than selling to players. At the time of this writing, however, there is a huge surplus of short boards and nobody is buying them. In other words, you are going to lose roughly 20-30 PED before you can invest in a level 3 harvest and begin making money.

The level 2 boards are likewise worthless at the current time. In fact, purchasing a level 2 harvester at current prices at auction and then using it up and selling the boards at the trade terminal will cost you roughly your entire purchase price minus 1.5 PED, and with prices running about 30 PED, that means a loss of 27 PED or so. The myth that the level 2 harvester increases your skills faster causes people to waste these PED, but you don’t need to be that foolish. At this time there is NO reason to ever purchase a level 2 harvester.

The level 3 boards are currently selling for about 3000%, which means a profit of 5-10 PED per tree. In order to use the level 3 harvester, you need profession level 6 in resource gatherer. The level 3 harvester currently sells for about 60 PED, but that can be made up relatively quickly.

So, how do you make money before reaching level 6? You don’t! It is currently impossible. After level 6, however, it is possible to make money on all sizes of trees and the develop your skills VERY quickly. Using a level 1 harvester and cutting level 1 and 2 trees will cause you to come close to breaking even, or even turning a slight profit (1%-5%) on each level one harvester that you use and the wood shavings from even 1 level 3 tree cut with a level 3 harvester will push your profits higher, or account for any losses from a bad run.

Example 1: You take 5 level 1 harvesters purchased at 5 PED each. You use them all up harvesting level 1 and 2 trees and sell (on average) what you harvest for 24 PED, but you also have along a level 3 harvester, and harvest 2 level 3 trees and get wood shavings amounting to 2 PED. Your profit (before selling the long boards) is 1 PED. This is typical of a very bad run.

Example 2: You take 5 level 1 harvesters purchased at 5 PED each. You harvest as above, but this time you sell to TT and get back 28 PED and also have the wood shavings (2 PED) from the level 3 trees for a profit of 5 PED. This is typical of an good run.

On average the profits will be between .5 and 1 PED per 5 PED spent BEFORE selling the long boards.

And, you are increasing your skills very rapidly with each tree.

Locating trees:

In general, there are 2 broad types of trees that you can find – camouflaged and not.

Non-camouflaged trees:

Most players at this time focus on harvesting the non-camouflaged type of trees – that is the trees that can be easily spotted from the air. These are trees that are a different color from the surrounding forest. These trees are a lighter green from other trees. They are quickly spotted.

Pros: You can quickly find them.

Cons: Everyone else can quickly find them. You will find fewer level 3 trees.

Strategy: Fly around and look for the light green trees, land and harvest.

Because there are so many players looking for them, and because of the value of level 3 trees, many players land, check the tree level, and if it is level 1 or 2, they move on. This means that a disproportionate amount of level 3 trees are being harvested, leaving fewer for everyone. Do NOT expect to find many level 3 trees using this method. After cutting hundreds of trees, the percent is less than 1. That is you will need to find roughly 150 trees in order to find 1 level 3 tree.

Camouflaged trees:

These trees look exactly like other trees in the forest. There are MANY varieties of these trees in the universe, but not every forest has them. After having explored at least eight different forest types on foot, I can say with confidence that there are at least 5 different types of camouflaged trees.

Pros: More level 3 trees

Cons: You have to know where they are

Strategy: Find a good forest and walk/run the entire forest

Hardly anyone uses this method because it requires more patience at first. You have to actually explore the world and look for the trees and learn what you are looking for. Once the price settles down I will reveal the good areas on Calypso – you will, of course, understand why I don’t want to give away 3000% profits. There are forests, however, where at least 5-10% of the trees are harvestable, and where the spawn rate of level 3 trees is as high as 3%, which is obviously better than the rates you will get from going after only the obvious trees. The profits from this method are enormous.

Spawn rate Information:

Rough percentages (based on writing down each tree harvested after about 1000 trees)

Level 3: 2-3%

Level 2: 10-20%

Level 1: 75-90%

The variability depends on many factors including who else is working the area and what they are harvesting, etc.

How often do trees re-spawn? 2-4 hours, but trees do NOT spawn in exactly the same location.

Does a tree remain where it is until cut, or will it “die” out if not harvested? Trees remain where they are. One tree that I know of, which spawned in an unharvestable location has been there since day 1 of harvesting.

If I cut only level 3 trees will only level 3 trees respawn? NO! The same formula applies to trees as apply to mobs. If, for example, you are in an area with 2 levels of the same mob, let’s say puny and juvenile, and you eliminate only the punies, sometimes (about 50%) they will respawn as puny an sometimes they will respawn as juvenile, meaning that over time you will reduce the amount of punyies available. The same applies to the trees. If the only trees being harvested are level 3, then over time there will be even fewer level 3 trees available (until some unknown minimum is reached).

Here is a quick link to my Planet Arkadia Tree Map.

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