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January 4, 2016 - Entropia Universe / Video Games

Combat in Entropia Universe is very simple, but the question that gets asked all the time is: What weapon should I use?

This is not an easy question to answer.  In fact it is impossible for another player to accurately answer that question for you.  You have to find the best weapon for your character AND for the mob that you are hunting.

In general, if you are brand new to the game then the answer is this.  Use the pistol from the trade terminal.  That is your best weapon.

Now, you’ve already killed off 1000 mobs with the TT pistol and you really want to move up to something else.  Okay.  Here is how you decide.  Head over to Entropedia.  Their weapon compare tool will do most of the work for you, but here I will explain the basics – some shortcuts so you can get down to hunting.

First of all, check the profession requirements.  If your combat profession for that weapon is too low then DO NOT use that weapon.  You will be spending PED you do not need to spend, and you won’t get the results you want.

Second, check the damage interval.  If the left side is smaller than the right side then you haven’t maxed that weapon which means that you will never do maximum damage.  You aren’t skilled enough with the weapon even though you meet the minimum requirements.  If the Skill Increase Bonus says “Yes” then maybe this is okay with you.  SIB means that you will gain skills more quickly with the weapon.  Some people suggest always using weapon with SIB = “Yes” and some say only use maxed weapons.  That is a choice I will leave to you.  Do you want more skills or more PED?

Third, check the damage you the weapon does against the health of the mob you are hunting.  In general you want to use something that takes a minimum of 5 shots to kill the mob you are hunting.  Some people suggest a minimum of 8 hits or even more.  Why?  You want to avoid overkill – that is spending PED to do damage you didn’t need to do.  If, for example, a MOB has 100 health and you use a weapon that does an average of 60 damage, then you are, on average doing 20 extra damage you didn’t need to do (killing it in 2 hits).  But sometimes you are going to only to 45 damage and 45 damage, requiring a third hit, which really wastes PED, and sometimes you are going to crit for 140 damage, wasting 40 damage.  If you were using a weapon that did 10 damage per hit, you will hit 10-11 times and always waste less than 9 damage and probably never waste critical hit damage.

A little about economy.  This is where the debate comes in and where Entropedia can be useful.  In general you will find that guns last longer and feel cheaper than knives/swords, and you have a greater chance of finding a really bad knife than you do of finding a really bad gun.  That said, compare the economy in the wiki database and you should be able to find something that damage/decay that works for you.

Unfortunately, weapons are only a small part of the economy equation.  You also need to account for defense which includes armor and first aid (FAP).  In general, if you are taking damage while dealing damage, then you are spending more PED.  So, boost your evade/dodge/health and be careful about armor.

When it comes to tactics, combat is so simple that really there is only one tactic to keep in mind.  Fight only one mob at a time.  Pulling 2 or more mobs greatly increases the damage you take without increasing your damage rate or kill rate.

If you have room, walk backwards while shooting.  That’s pretty much it.  Once you reach a certain level of evade, then mobs stop hitting you as much (it is different for each mob), and you can stop walking backwards when hunting those mobs.

In any case, it is unlikely that you will make a real profit by hunting alone.  You will want to combine it with crafting.

Enjoy, and good hunting!

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