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April 9, 2019 - Skyrim / Video Games

If you want to collect all of the dragonpriest masks, you will first have to locate all of the dragonpriests. Then you have to defeat each. Each mask has its own unique abilities, although lets be honest, you get them for the cool factor, not because they are more powerful than other items because, in all honesty, they aren’t.

In no particular order:

Krosis – found at Shearpoint. Krosis can be tough because he is outside, and on a dragon mound, which means you could end up fighting Krosis and a dragon at the same time, all while trying NOT to fall off a cliff. His mask gives a 20% bonus to Lockpicking, Archery, and Alchemy.

Otar – found at Ragnvald. Like all dragonpriests, this is a tough fight after a long search through a dungeon. Otar’s mask grants 30% resistance to fire, frost, and shock — a nice boon to defenses.

Hevnoraak – found at Valthume. Once you defeat Hevnoraak, you can get the dragonpriest mask which grants immunity to both poison and disease, which are excellent bonuses, although there are probably better ways to acquire these.

Morokei – found in Labyrinthian. Definitely takes some time to find, but when you do, his mask grants +100% Magicka Regeneration, excellent for casters.

Nahkriin – found in Skuldafn. You will need to clear this ruin in order to get his mask. Nahkriin’s mask gives +50 Magicka and reduces the cost of Restoration and Destruction spells by 20%

Rahgot – found in Forelhost in the Rift. Climb the mountain and then clear the ruin to get this mask. Rahgot offers +70 Stamina, a good boost to melee fighters.

Volsung – found in Volskygge. Travel west from Solitude to find Volskygge, and work your way through the ruin. This mask gives a +20 Carry Limit, improves prices by 20%, and lets you breathe underwater. These are great abilities for any all-around adventurer.

Vokun – found in High Gate Ruins. Get through the dungeon and kill Vokun to take his mask. The mask awards a 20% reduced cost to Alteration, Conjuration, and Illusion spells. This is great for mages.

There are two other masks, which you can find in Labyrinthian, the Wooden Mask, which is used only to unlock Bromjunaar Sanctuary. The Wooden Mask has no special powers other than this. Inside Bromjunaar Sanctuary you can find the dragonpriest Konahrik and his mask which gives you a chance to be healed and damage nearby enemies when your health is low.

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