Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls – Monster Difficulty More Than Just Math

December 28, 2014 - Reaper of Souls / Video Games

The monster difficulty percentages are will posted across the internet, but the truth is that the game design is much more complex than just increasing the monster damage and health.  While increasing these attributes is significant it only tells a part of the story, and one which may surprise many players whose focus is on maxing paragon levels or playing on Torment 6.


First, not all mobs are created equally.  Some monsters move much slower than others.  The impact of this should be obvious, but is often overlooked.  Mobs in Act 1 tend to move slower than those in Act 4, which makes them easier to defeat, and monster speed does not change by changing the difficulty of the game.


Next gauge the different mob attacks.  For example, the zombies in Act 1 walk up and punch you while the succubi in Acts 3 and 4 shoot slow motion tracking energy pulses.  Which of these attacks better fits your play style?  Which is easier to defend?  Much of that depends on the skills you choose and which items you are wearing, but these attributes do not change with game difficulty.


Finally, as you increase the game difficulty there is one other very significant change that the game designers haven’t posted all over the internet, and that is the number and abilities of Champion and Elite opponents.  As you move from Torment 1 to Torment 6, you will find that your are facing increased numbers of Champion and Elite opponents with increased abilities.  On normal, for example, you will never fine a set of Elites in the Old Ruins, but on Torment 6, finding such opponents is virtually guaranteed.

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