How to Check Nofollow vs Dofollow Backlinks

March 11, 2015 - Just For Kicks

Building backlinks is very basic for search engine optimization, but there is a lot of misleading information out there.


First of all, don’t believe the hype that some sites give you about being able to create free dofollow backlinks from hugely popular sites.  The truth is that in order for them to maintain their popularity and to keep in good with google, they can’t be creating millions of dofollow backlinks every day.


For example, you will find guides on how to create backlinks on popular social media sites like Facebook or Tsu (which is new and growing every day), tell you basically to go in and create a page or update your profile to link to the site you want to promote.  Beyond useless if you are looking for a solid dofollow link.  Of course, these links are still useful in that people will click them and reach your site, if it is appealing to your followers and friends.


So, how do you know if you are really getting a dofollow link?  Simple, check the web page’s source.  In chrome, right click anywhere on the page and then select “view page source.”  In Internet Explorer right click and select “view source”.  This will bring up the HTML code for the page – the same code that search engine bots see.


Press ctrl+F to do a quick search of the text and then type in the link.  For example, if I was searching for a link to this site, I would do a search for “gamerjournal.”  Notice that you don’t need to type in the whole link.  This will take you to where the anchor tag for that link is.  You will see <a> and </a> surrounding the text.  If somewhere in that tag is the word “nofollow” then the link is a nofollow link, plain and simple.


By default all links are dofollow, so if you don’t see either a dofollow or nofollow in the link then it is a dofollow link.


The point is, quite simply, that you shouldn’t buy into the hype of placing great links on social media because these sites cannot afford to have millions of new links going out to random sites every day.

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