ADOM Pool Messages

February 17, 2015 - Video Games

Bah! This liquid is extremely filthy! You are wracked by feverish fits!          +Sick

You are moved by the sheer pleasure of this sip of fluid.                 +Paralysis resist

You suddenly hate the thought of jumping around.                    -Teleport control

Suddenly a water elemental rises from the pool!       Water elemental to fight, also possible water damage

You continue the trip on the road to nowhere.                             +Doomed

You are getting out of touch with everything

The water is suddenly writhing with snakes!                               Snakes to fight

Your outfit suddenly looks much cleaner.      -Invisibility intrinsic, also occurs if PC

You start a trip on the road to nowhere.       +Cursed

You suddenly remember your early youth.        Would’ve undone unnatural aging, but you didn’t have any

You feel bold at the thought of danger.        +Resist death rays

You suddenly hear many hissing sounds!         Snakes or vipers, but PC is blind

You suddenly feel like jumping around.          +Teleport control

You hear a voice calling you ‘Iceberg’         +Shock resist (also password for Hawkslayer)

You feel more in touch with the world     Mana

Lots of vipers burst out of the pool.          Vipers + chance of water damage

It seems that you are getting a cold

You taste bitter bile in your mouth.           -Acid resist

You feel like an endangered species.           -Resist death rays

Your movements are getting swifter     Dexterity

Suddenly your ears start to bleed!             +Bleeding state

You suddenly hear roaring waves!               Water elemental, but you’re blind.

No effect, as far as you notice.      -Intrinsic invisibility when able to see invisible

You feel dizzy for some seconds.      +Invisibility intrinsic

You seem to get less perceptive

You suddenly are visible again.       -Invisibility intrinsic OR -Temporary invisibility

You feel slightly strengthened.       trains Strength

Your blood seems to cool down.        ? (does not affect healing rate)

Your stomach stings painfully.        -Poison resist

You suddenly can see yourself.        -Temporary invisibility

Your eyes tingle for a second.        +See invisible

Thinking seems to get tougher

Your eyes sting for a second.         -See invisible

You are hit by lots of water.          Same as monster water breath attack

You feel very self-confident            Charisma

Your wounds no longer bleed.          -Bleeding state.

The pool suddenly dries up.            Pool disappears

Your muscles feel stronger

Your will seems inflexible             Willpower

Your digestion calms down.            +Poison resist

A gush of water hits you!              Like water trap.

You feel very controlled.             +Stun resist

The water tastes bitter.              Poison, but PC is poison resistant

You hear hissing sounds.              Snakes, but you are blind

Great! Pure dwarven ale!              Like potion of booze

“What do you wish for?”

You feel very very bad.               +Doomed

You feel totally awake.               +Sleep resist

You are growing a wart

You feel very bad off.                -Fate smiles

Suddenly you are gone.                +Temporary invisiblity

You become depressive.                +Doomed

You suddenly are gone.                +Invisibility intrinsic

Your health increases                  Toughness

You feel translucent.                 +Temporary invisibility

You slip and fall in!                  Water effects on PC and equipment

You feel much better.                 Healing

You feel translucent.                 +Temporary invisibility

You feel soft-hearted

You are getting shaky

You feel hot-headed.                  +Cold resist

You feel very lucky.                  +Fate smiles

You feel inflexible.                  -Paralysis AND petrification resist

Your muscles soften

Your senses sharpen                    Perception

You feel corrupted!                    Corrupted!

You feel exhausted.                   abuses Strength and Toughness

Your looks improve                     Appearance

You feel relieved.                    -Cursed

You sense trouble.                    +Cursed

You feel flexible.                    +Petrification resist

You feel studious                       Learning

You feel reserved

You feel younger!                     Removes some effects of unnatural aging

The pool bubbles.                     No room for more snakes?

You feel shocked.                     -Shock resist

You swallow hard.                     +Acid resist

You feel cheated.                     -Lucky

You feel elated.                      -Doomed

Nothing happens.                      ?

You feel on air.                      +Temporary invisibility

You feel shaken.                      -Stun resist

You feel steady.                      -Teleportitis

You feel gnarly.                      -Petrification resist

Wow! Pure beer!                       Like potion of booze

You feel jumpy.                       +Teleportitis

You feel tired.                       -Sleep resist

You feel lucky.                       +Lucky

You feel cool.                        +Lvl 1 fire resist

Urgh! Poison!                         Poisoned for 2d10 poison effects.

You shiver.                           -Cold resist

You sweat.                            -Fire resist


A small frog pops up…                Get the frog quest

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