A Belated Verse of Untitled Fate

July 3, 2016 - Poetry

Wandering the stars of infinite
Fears, a traveller stumbles
In pools of tears. When dry dreams
Crumble into white stardust
And the hopelessness of wanderlust.

Across the blankness that covers
destiny flits a shadow to knock
at reality. The bittersweet
shade of doubt that tingles steady
nerves until hopes and reason mingle.

’til painted sunshine sends a twist
of fate to churn travelling hearts
while time grows late. Then haunted
rainbows pitch back and careen,
while the shadow that slept begins to weep.

But this traveller of the misty
deep has found the answer
to a hope he needs. the hope that lives
where rabbits fly or spin. Makes
nonsense rational and whiteness sin.

This shadowy mystical hope
that sings is really just the scent
of love in spring when first the
traveller met the grace that bounced
in rainbows from her smiling face.

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