3 Quick Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Rift Run Tips

December 27, 2014 - Reaper of Souls / Video Games

1 – Choose an Act and stay in it.  Especially for playing solo this will reduce your rift run time because you will quickly become familiar with each Act’s unique peculiarities.  Many maps have built-in mobs that activate when you reach a certain spot, by knowing where these spots are you can grab a few extra mobs and thus reduce you run time.

2 – Choose a direction and stay with it.  Rather than running aimlessly around the map, either go left or right and follow the map in a circle around that edge.  This will significantly reduce any backtracking time and cause one of two situations – either you will quickly find the exit or you will cover much of the map without backtracking.  In the first case you just jump to a new map and in the second you may finish the rift.  Either way you avoid needless running backwards.

3 – Know which maps bear exploring and which don’t.  The key features of different maps don’t change.  This means that the proportion of mobs on a given map is static so you can quickly learn which maps aren’t really worth your time to go through and which maps can get you to that critical 100% all by themselves.  Of course this goes back to tip #1 – run rifts in only one act.

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