Syrim: Lost Knife Cave

July 22, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter facing north.  The passage goes a short distance before joining and following a stream to a cavern with 2 bandits.  Follow the stream to exit this area.


Pass an iron ore vein on your right.  You will emerge onto a cliff overlooking a shallow lake.  2 banditts keep watch at a little platform that has been erected.  Find the skill book: Words and Philosophy on a table on this platform.


A ledge to the southwest leads into another cave.  This bridge is patrolled by a bandit.  Watch out for the tripwire.


After a while the passage leads to a ramp that switches back the direction you just came.  The switchback is patrolled by a bandit.


At the top you can go southwest or northeast.  To the southwest is a store room guarded by a bandit.  Here you can find a chest and an iron ore vein.  Back to the northeast 2 bandits are stationed at an overlook of the lake.  Exit this area to the south.  The passage goes up to Lost Knife Hideout.


Lost Knife Hidout:


Enter a passage facing south.  Take the passage.  To your right you will find a living area with 3 bandits.  Past the living quarters the passage meets a dead end at an unassailable scaffold patrolled by a bandit.


Inside the living quarters you can find a set of stairs that go up to a sleeping area.  A bandit is here, as well as the bandit that patrols the scaffold.  Here you can find the skill book: Orsinium and the Orcs (Heavy Armor).


Cross the scaffold and head down to a new passage past a waterfall.  this passage opens to a large room with several bandits and animals in cages.  You can find a gold ore vein here and a chest.


A grate to the east opens to a passage leading back to Lost Knife Cave.  The passage leads to a scaffold overlooking the lake.  2 bandits guard here.  You can find a chest near their sleeping area.

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