Skyrim: Wreck of the Icerunner

August 13, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This area does not appear until you have put out the fire in Solitude Lighthouse for the quest: Lights Out!


When you arrive the marauders will be slaughtering the crew of the Icerunner.  There are 3 marauders on deck and a fourth one on shore.  Taking anything from the plundered good on shore is considered stealing.


There are 4 more marauders and Deeja inside the ship.  You are supposed to talk to Deeja, but you can just start killing marauders if you want.  A note on her body directs you to Broken Oar Grotto.


Most of the treasure has already been looted by the marauders.  There are a few bodies and barrels/sacks to go through, but no exclusive items or rich treasures here.

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