Skyrim: Tovald’s Cave

October 8, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a tunnel heading north.  This tunnel enters a large cavern with a bandit camp.  The bandits are dead and are now food for a snowy sabre cat (or other leveled opponent).  This room holds a chest, an iron ore vein, and several bear traps.

You may exit through a tunnel in the southwest corner. An ice wraith patrols this tunnel.  Follow the tunnel, killing another ice wraith, until you come to a door.

The door opens to a room with a dwemer chest, a piece of gold ore, and a potion.  Grabbing the loot will activate a trap that shoots out poison darts and opens two secret doors in the east and west walls, allowing three falmer to enter and ambush you.

Take either tunnel and it will circle around to a room with an alchemy lab and a pen with a dead hunter in it.

Exit north into a tunnel that takes you to a room with several falmer who will alert more falmer farther on if they are disturbed.  This room features a sacrificial altar and a chest.

Continue past to a split-level room with a frostbite spider and more falmer.  Defeat the enemies and loot the 2 chests.

To the south you can exit to Tovald’s Gap.


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