Skyrim: South Brittleshin Pass

August 1, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a tunnel facing north.  The tunnel opens into a chamber with an ice rune on the floor.  Exit through doors to the northeast.


The next cavern is guarded by 2 skeletons.  Searching this chamber reveals a chest in the northeast corner.  Exit to a tunnel to the northwest.


The tunnel winds around to the west, where you will find a mage and his skeleton guards.  On his alter you can find the skill book: The Warrior’s Charge (Conjuration).  He also has an arcane enchanter, and a pair of cages where he keeps his pets, which he will unleash in combat if he has the chance.  As you exit to the northwest you will see an alcove with a chest.


Furth along is a winding foot bridge that takes you down into a cavern.  2 more skeletons patrol the bottom of this cave.  Exit up some stairs to a tunnel to the northeast.  This tunnel exits to North Brittleshin pass.

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