Skyrim: Silent Moons Camp

July 31, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Be careful as you approach.  4 bandits are on the stairs or in the dwellings near the stairs, which gives them a commanding view.  This makes it difficult to catch them unawares, and as 2 of them are spell casters, this can really cause trouble.


The stairs lead up to a small cairn.  Inside you can find 3 iron ingots, a cheest, the book: Notes on the Lunar Forge, the skill book: Light Armor Forging (smithing), a chest, a forge, and a few Lunar weapons.


The interior to Silent Moons Camp is found below the cairn.  Enter facing north.  This is a wide round room with a fire.  Exit this room to the east into a hallway.  A bandit patrols the hall.  This hall ends at a room with another bandit.  Exit this room to the east.


You will find yet another bandit in this passage, and if you have been sent here to kill a bandit leader, this will be the one.  The passage ends at a locked door.  The room beyond has a chest and several potions.  A ladder in the center of the room leads up to Skyrim – the inside of a little tower with a locked grate.  The grate can be opened via a lever here on the inside.

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