Skyrim: Shimmermist Cave

July 18, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a dark tunnel facing north.  The tunnel winds around to a pool with a waterfall.  A narrow stone bridge crosses the pool, and frostbite spider guards the bridge.  The tunnel continues east and then winds around until it opens into a larger cavern.  A Falmer is watching the tunnel entrance from his perch on a ledge overlooking the mouth of the tunnel.  Watch out for the tripwire at the end of the tunnel. You have to swing around to the east to find the ramp that leads up to the ledge where the Falmer is stationed.


Go up top and then take a tunnel in the south wall.  The tunnel winds around and then opens into a low cavern with a Falmer.  Behind the Falmer is a chest.  The tunnel then continues south and up.  Continuing down this tunnel leads to Shimmermist Grotto.


Shimmermist Grotto:


You will enter a tunnel heading north.  This tunnel opens into a wide cavern.  You emerge onto a ledge overlooking the tunnel, and there are two Falmer in this room.  The room overlooks a deep pit.  A dwelling on top of the ledge has a chest inside.  Exit this area by taking a ramp down into the pit.


At the bottom of the pit you can take a tunnel heading west.  This tunnel winds around and opens into a cave with a chaurus.  The exit is to the southwest.


Take the tunnel around to another large cavern with a wide pit.  A footbridge crosses the pit.  A pair of chaurus live in the pit, and can climb out to attack you if alerted.  A Falmer, to the west may also be alerted.  Inside the pit you can find several skeletons and chaurus egg sacks.  Exit this area by crossing the bridge and taking a tunnel to the west.


This tunnel winds around until it comes to a pair of dwemers doors.  On the other side of the doors you will find a broken room with a slanted floor.  A Falmer Gloomlurker and a dwarven centurion are on guard here.  You can also find a chest.  Past the falmer a tunnel leads up and out to Shimmermist Cave.


When you take this tunnel you will emerge back at the starting chamber (where the frost spider was), and can jump down the waterfall and take a ramp out of the pool to get out.

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