Skyrim: Shadowgreen Cavern

August 10, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a tunnel facing south and down.  Follow the path down and around to a large cavern with parts open to the sky.  Trees and animals live in here.  A stream runs into a pond where you can dive down for a potion.


On the south portion of the cavern you can find 3 hungry wolves chasing rabbits.  Once you find the wolves you will be headed on a path that winds around to the east and then back to the west.  You will encounter 3 spriggans along the path.


You will reach an overlook where you can look down on the pond below.  Be careful as you continue up the path because you will trigger a rock fall.  Another spriggan patrols the path beyond the rock fall.  Once you reach the summit you will find a beautiful glade with 2 spriggans and 2 sabre cats.  A shallow stream surrounds a little island.  The stream can be crossed on a fallen log to reach a chest and several potions.  There are also a couple of nirnroots you can harvest while up here.


Across a narrow bridge you can cross to the edge of the cavern from here to find another chest.


Throughout the cave there are numerous flowers to pick and butterflies to catch.


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