Skyrim: Rebel’s Cairn

September 19, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

There are no guards on the exterior.  Note, that you need Red Eagle’s Fury, a sword that you have to get from the forsworn briarheart in Red Eagle Redoubt, in order to get past the first empty chamber.


Enter a tunnel going down to the north.  In the center of the room that you come to is a pedestal with a weapon slot in it.  Use the weapon slot to place Read Eagle’s fury into the pedestal and open the secret door to the east.


The tunnel winds down to a huge crypt with the sarcophagus of Red Eagle at the far end.  As you enter several skeletons, as wells as Red Eagle, will come to life.  You need to fight Red Eagle and his undead minions.  At the far end of the chamber is a chest to loot, as well as some loose treasure.


Return to the entry chamber and the sword you initially placed has now transformed into Red Eagle’s Bane, a much better sword that you can take.

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