Skyrim: Reachcliff Cave

January 23, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Reachcliff Cave is an integral part of the Daedric Quest: The Taste of Death.

Enter the cave and you will be in a passage heading south.  This opens into a wide room with 2 draugr.  The exit from the room is in the south east corner, up some short stairs.


Exit east into a passage that leads down and eventually turns south.  The passage opens into another room patrolled by 2 draugr.  Find the exit in the southwest corner.


Exit west into a passage that leads into a crossroads with exits to the south and the west.  South takes you to a broken bridge over a room patrolled by draugr.  If you jump the broken bridge you can reach a chest.  If you go back and take the other exit it will lead around by a different tunnel to the same room, only you will enter on the ground floor.  There are 2 draugr patrolling this room.  The exit from this room is in the south wall.


Exit south into another room guarded by 1 draugr.  There is a chest in this room.  Some burial urns and some potions.


Continue south into another passage.  The passage ends in an iron door.  Open the door to the main hall, which is patrolled by more draugr, including a Draugr Overlord. Kill everything in here and then discover that a secret door in the passage you have just left is now open in the west wall.  This leads to the Reachcliff Cave Secret Entrance, which you can use as a shortcut when you come back.

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