Skyrim: Ravenscar Hollow

August 14, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Watch out for the sabre cat as you approach this cave.


Enter a tunnel facing south.  The tunnel quickly widens to include a stream flowing next to the path.  The path is blocked by rattles, and eventually winds around to where a hagraven lives with her pet skeever.  On her corpse you can find the Ravenscar Hollow Cage Key.  Her dwelling is quite sparse.  You will need to pull a lever along the northeast wall to open a secret door.


The other side of the door holds a prison cell with a bandit inside.  On the table to your right as you enter you can find potions and gems.  There are also dead bandits and a dead spriggan to loot.  2 more hagravens patrol the western portion of this cavern where there are more cages and a chest to loot.


The skill book: The Art of War Magic (Destruction) can be found on a table near the cages to the west.


If you let the bandit out, he will fight the hagravens and then fight you.


After killing and looting everything, take a little ramp up along the southwest wall until it emerges over the pond in the entry chamber.




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