Skyrim Quest: The Taste of Death

January 22, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Talk to Brother Verulus outside the Hall of the Dead in Understone Keep.  Convince him to let you investigate the Hall of the Dead.


Investigate the Hall of the Dead and you will find Eola.  She will then ask you to clear the Draugr from Reachcliff Cave.


The cave is southeast of Markarth.


Clear the Draugr and then talk to Eola again.  If you have cleared the cave and then left by the secret entrance you will have to go back inside and find her in the dining hall.


Then she will ask you to brink Brother Verelus back to the cave.  You can find him back at the hall of the dead in Markarth.  Pay him, persuade him, or intimidate him.


Go back to Reachcliff Cave and lead him to the dining hall.  Eola will talk to him for a bit and convince him to lie down on the altar.  Then she will ask you to kill Verulus.  Then she will ask you to eat him.


As a reward you will receive the Ring of Namira.


After completing the quest you can talk to the people, some of whom you may recognize from Markarth.  In addition, you can grab a couple of Human Flesh, a rare alchemy ingredient.

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