Skyrim Quest: The Cursed Tribe

January 25, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Go to Largashbur.


Fight the giant attacking the town, and then talk to Atub.

Atub will ask you to bring him a daedra heart and troll fat.

Get the items and return to Atub.

Follow him in and watch his ritual.

He will talk with chief Yamarz and then perform the ritual.

Malacath orders Yamarz to bring the giant leader’s club back.  Yamarz says it’s all your fault and tells you to come along to keep him alive.

Go with Yamarz to Fallowstone Cave and kill the giant.  Once you reach Giant’s grove, Yamarz will ask you to kill the giant in return for gold.

Of course after you kill the giant, Yamarz will turn on you and try to kill you.

Take the Shagrol’s hammer back to Largashbur.

Talk to Atub.  Let Malacath go through his speech.

Then activate the shrine.

The hammer Volendrung is supposed to appear on the altar, but it may not.  If it does not, then go into the longhouse and then come back out.  It will be on the ground behind the shrine.

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