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January 6, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Pinewatch is a long, but fairly straightforward dungeon crawl.  Pinewatch is accessed through a house.  When you enter the house, it seems like a regular city house because all goods are marked as stolen.  Downstairs is a bandit guarding the secret entrance.


The secret entrance is access by pressing a button next to the bookshelf.


Go through the secret passage and enter the bandit’s lair.  Everything past the secret passage is free game to take, i.e. nothing is marked as stolen.  The passage opens into an assortment of  wooden bridges that form a square over what appears to be an old mining pit.  There is an alchemist closet in the middle of the square.  Three bandits guard the square bridges.


To the north a bridge leads down and to a tunnel that winds beneath the square bridges.  A chest is here as well as access to the bottom of a poison spike pit trap.  Be careful because the poison on the spikes can damage or even kill you just by accidentally walking into them.


To the west of the bridges is a tunnel that exits down to an excavation site which is guarded by 3 more bandits.  From here you can take an exit north where a stairway up leads to a locked chest.  Or you may go east where a guard blocks the door to Pinewatch Bandit’s Sanctuary.

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