Skyrim: Pinemoon Cave

August 24, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You will notice a few logs that have been sawn into benches outside the cave.  You will enter a tunnel going north and down into the cave.


The howling of wolves should alert you to the presence of the 2 wolves you will face in the first cavern you come to.  Aside from a whole lot of fly aminata in this room, there isn’t much else of value.  The exit is through a tunnel to the north.


The tunnel winds around to a sort of improvised lecture hall or chapel where a master vampire administers to two other vampires.   Approach with caution.  Up near the lectern you will find a locked chest to loot.  Exit to the west.


This short tunnel leads to a sleeping area with a cage.  Here there is a large, unlocked chest to loot.  On the table next to the cage you can find the skill book: Incident at Necrom (Illusion).


Get out of the cave by retracing your steps to the entrance.

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