Skyrim: North Brittleshin Pass

August 2, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a tunnel facing southwest.  This tunnel leads to a cavern with 2 skeletons.  Take a ramp/stone walkway up to a tunnel.  On your right you will see an alcove with a chest.


Just past the alcove you will find a mage and his skeleton guards.  On his alter you can find the skill book: The Warrior’s Charge (Conjuration).  He also has an arcane enchanter, and a pair of cages where he keeps his pets, which he will unleash in combat if he has the chance.


Exit into a tunnel across the room and follow a passage that winds around to a cavern guarded by 2 more skeletons.


Look to the southwest.  Take the tunnel, but be careful.  The final cavern has an ice rune trap in it.  Take the passage on the other side of the room up and out to South Brittleshin Pass.

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